Cultural Tourism

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We are located southeast of Pallars Jussà, at the western end of Montsec de Rubies.
This mid-mountain location is ideal to explore all year round where you can plan cultural excursions.
Here are just some of the excursions near our property.
Route through the Barcedana Valley
Route by car to discover the Vall de Barcedana, passing by the Hostal Roig, a short walk to visit the castle of Sant Gervàs, discover a spectacular viewpoint in the village of Llimiana and enjoy a swim or water activities in the reservoir of Terradets.
Visits to the Cretaceous Park (Conca Dellà Museum)
Located a few kilometers from our house, in Isona, is the Museum of the Conca Dellà, where you can discover an area that long ago was occupied by Roman culture, and long before that, inhabited by the last DINOSAURS who lived the earth.
The visit to the museum is free, but guided and combined tours are organized to the paleontological sites in the area where a guide will walk you through everything you need to know (Prior reservation required)
A great activity to do with your children.
Castell Mur
The castle of Mur, due to its magnificant architecture and great state of conservation has become the emblem of the border castles of the Catalan counties.
It is the best-preserved example of an 11th-century Romanesque fortress in all of Catalonia. Is decalred as a Cultural Asset of National Interest.
The visit to the Castle is guided with an approximate duration of 45 minutes, you must consult timetables, but no prior reservation is required.

Discover the Pallars Jussà from our house!