Here we present the routes that you can start from home or at a very short distance from Lo Cel de Toló. Routes with magnificent views, stepping on history and enjoying an isolated environment in the middle of nature.
You will find few people on these itineraries, you will cross land where some of the most important cattle drives in Catalonia used to travel and sometimes a landscape will open up that will make it difficult for you to keep your eyes on the road…

Circular Toló-  Serra de la Campaneta- Cinglo de Currolda- Toló                          TRACK

Camí de les 100 corbes – Sant Salvador del Bosc – Portella Blanca                         TRACK

Ascensió a la Roca Alta i el Búnquer Durruti                                                               TRACK

Carenant pel Montsec de Rúbies                                                                                    TRACK

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