Experience the Stars

An unforgettable activity to do with a group or give as a gift to your partner...

The experience is suitable for both adults and children.
We will take a walk through our knowledge of the Universe, the constellations and their mythology as well as some tips to help us orient ourselves at night.
Next begins the astronomical observation, the most exciting part, with a tour of the different visible stars in the sky.

Explore the sky

Our Sky

  • The team: The workshop is carried out by the astronomers of Celístia Pirineus, who have extensive experience in the dissemination of astronomy.
  • Available languages: Catalàn, Spanish, English or French
  • Special Tools: In addition to a projector and screen, we use lasers, automated telescopes and astronomical binoculars to observe the sky.
  • Ages: For all ages. No prior knowledge necessary.
  • Length: Between 2 and 2.5 hours.
  • Total Price: 160€, regardless of the number of people attending.
  • Reservations: Must be arranged in advance.

In the event of bad weather, you can cancel the activity or have the experience take place indoors with with spectacular images where everyone gets the opportunity to build a small astronomical instrument

If this activity does not interest you but you still want to enjoy our sky, we have a space outside to sit and recline. Make your own observations or enjoy an evening talk in good company!

Come and explore our sky!